This Week’s Space News

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The fourth war front, as claimed by President Donald Trump, has been an interest of scientists world wide for centuries; every year they come closer to understanding all that is in space.

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This Week’s Space News

Perhaps the most pressing piece of space news is a statement made by President Donald Trump at a press conference last week. Trump pitched the idea of a military branch being sent to space on Tuesday while addressing a crowd in San Diego, California. Though it is currently unknown whether or not this was a real proposal, reporters were quick to spread his words; the news hit newsstands instantly and many people were fast to voice their thoughts on this claim. Reporters were also quick to point out that Trump’s idea sounds a lot like the space corps idea, which the Trump administration shut down just last year.

Trump specified that his new national strategy for space recognizes space as a war-fighting domain, being at the same level as land, air and sea.

Whether or not this space force will be a part of the future of national security is still a mystery. Sophomore Braedon Naramore has his own opinions on this idea.

“I think the establishment of a military branch of service, specifically for the idea of being used in space, would be an idea of everlasting importance,” Naramore said. “I think starting to put down the foundations of a military branch in space as of now would be an excellent idea.”

Now one can only wonder what will happen next; will America have soldiers in space? Only time will tell.

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