This Year’s Hottest Holiday Gag Gift

Every stocking needs a gag gift and this is the one for the job.

A little bit of laughter makes special occasions a little bit brighter and this is one gift guaranteed to bring laughter into someone’s life. Made by Wicked Cool Toys, Cat Paws are a mechanical paw that looks exactly like a cat’s. These toys have appeared on the Late Show with Anna Kendrick as well as David Letterman.

Described by as “…wildly fun! Creep out co-workers, amuse cat lovers and STUPEFY cats themselves with the amazing, bizarre, wonderful and super fun CAT PAW!” These toys are also versatile: when you pull the trigger quickly, the paw lunges forward with a roar and when you pull the trigger slowly, the paw gently moves with a meow. They can “move from friendly to feisty in no time,” according to the Amazon description.

For just $9.99, this is an affordable gift that any prankster would love. The toy comes in four different types: Black Cat, Orange Tabby, Striped Tabby and White Persian.  

The Cat Paw website, accepts videos of pranks with their toy and features a video on their home page. The website also allows customers to order Cat Paws using most major credit cards. These delightful gifts are also available at Walgreens and other similar department stores.

If a holiday needs to be brightened up, Cat Paws are the tools for the job.