Thrift Store Fashion Transformations

You don’t need a million dollars to look like a million dollars. With the help of a little creativity and crafting, a five dollar thrift store find can be turned into a statement fashion piece.

Nowadays, clothes are extremely expensive for a low quality product that most likely won’t last long. Thrift stores offer a reasonable alternative, and with a little work, will amp up your wardrobe.

One doesn’t need to be crafty or have a sewing machine to turn worn out thrift clothes into a new and personalized wardrobe collection. Slight and simple alterations can make a dreary item look completely updated and unique

“I wear my granddad’s clothes and it looks incredible,” junior Amanda Rowe said.

There are endless touches that don’t require a lot of skill or time to achieve a thoughtful outfit out of an outdated outfit. Fabric paints are a great medium to use on thrift clothes such as jackets or jeans. These, along with intricate stencils, are often used to create freehand designs.

Adding patterned fabric patches can also completely redesign thrifted clothing. Fabric with interesting patterns can restyle an old pair of jeans by cutting the fabric the same size as the back pockets and using a sewing machine or fabric glue to attach the fabric. These bring stronger accent to a casual outfit and enhance the average thrift store find.

If arts and crafts stretch beyond your ability or liking, there are also many options that don’t require any skill such as adding accessories. Pins and brooches are great ways to restyle and add more interest to a slightly dull outfit.

Refashioning thrift store items, although takes some time and needs preparation, creates unique, DIY additions to the closet and boosts a sense of pride into your everyday look.
“I would love to wear something that I spent time on and made,” junior Kristen Taylor said.