Time And Effort


Relationships have their many benefits and problems that coexist with one another. Yet, regardless of the success of one’s relationship, it is assumed that extra time will be set aside for another person. Time is a non-renewable resource; it is evident that putting time into making a connection with another person can have numerous advantages, including a bond that is tough to break. However, at the same time, spending an extended amount of time with someone can be difficult, exhausting or even negative for both parties. It’s basically a common understanding that being in a relationship requires some sort of time commitment, but there is not necessarily a direct correlation between more time spent together and a more healthy or successful relationship.

“I think your boyfriend or girlfriend should be your best friend so you should spend a lot of time with that person,” junior Amber Phillips said.

After all, some couples may be perfectly okay with seeing each other every once in a while, while others may find that it is essential to spend every extra moment with one another. Senior Megan Trusky agrees that relationships are somewhat of a time commitment, but adds that in some circumstances that too much of a good thing is not really good after all.

“Some negatives are that you might spend too much time with your significant other rather than spending time with your other friends and your family,” Trusky said. “It may also take time away from homework, activities, or a job.”

Trusky also mentioned that she thinks there are couples that spend too much time with each other and, therefore, forfeit opportunities that activities and high school have to offer.

“There are people that spend too much time with their significant others rather than doing other activities and experiencing all that high school has to offer,” Trusky said.