Longing For a Connection


It is oftentimes said that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” and these connections, either big or small, often loom large when it is all said and done. Relationships refer to an individual and their partner, and are seen as significantly important in our present society. Because of this, people of all ages, especially teens, will put in extra time and effort to sustain them. Yet, to some, no matter how many negatives arise in a relationship, the most important objective is to keep it going because it’s worth it, right? The answer is tricky, but everyone has their own purposes and ideas when it comes to a relationship, as well as their own opinions. The making of a strong relationship may seem consistent, but times are constantly changing and so are feelings. Sophomore Elkanah Gahima explains that the point of a relationship is to be comfortable and share time with another person.

“A relationship means someone to be yourself with and being with someone you can truly appreciate and tell everything to,” Gahima said. “Relationships these days are missing the intimacy that you can’t find anymore…most relationships now are just about going out having fun and not truly bonding.”

It may be clear that people want to share a connection and enjoy time with one another, but sometimes the relationship doesn’t work out as planned. Freshman Alexia Baas agrees that there are flaws with the relationships that most people are looking to have.

“Some relationships get complicated and people don’t know how to end things properly when it’s time,” Baas said. “Some people in relationships want more then what the other person wants to give.”

Despite common issues, relationships are different and happiness can be achieved both individually or with someone else. Those in relationships know that there are oftentimes struggles, but getting through the tough times to enjoy good times can certainly be worth it. Being with a significant other is not the only way to be happy, but many people find that enjoy time with another person seems like an opportunity worth taking.