Tennis Profile: Logan Kroft


John Petty, Senior Editor

Although tennis takes place at the end of the school year for boys, athletes work on their game throughout the duration of all months. A new season brings new opportunities, including ones that freshman Logan Kroft is looking to take advantage of this spring.

This is Kroft’s first season of high school tennis but being a newcomer to the program hasn’t stopped him from setting goals for the future. Playing youth tennis wasn’t something he necessarily got into when he was younger because he had planned to start playing once high school began. Afterall, many kids within high school sports started playing at the beginning of high school, some of them even began well into their sophomore or junior year.

“Last fall I started [playing tennis],” Kroft said. “When I found out there was a tennis team, I wanted to start playing it.”

The start of the season is not Kroft’s first experience with tennis, though. He mentioned that all he needed to practice beforehand was a racquet and a ball.

“I used to take my tennis racquet and bounce the tennis ball off my grandma’s brick wall in front of her house.”

Aside from simply getting better, Kroft is excited to be part of a supportive team as well as contribute in any way that benefits them. Succeeding and improving are facets of the game that come with teammates helping one another as the season progresses. It is often most enjoyable to share the positive and negatives of a sport with other people.

“[My personal goals are] to play well and be a team player,” Kroft said. “It’s important how my team thinks of me and how I play.”

There are constant needs for improvement in all sports, but in tennis specifically there is a need for agility and strategy.

“[Something I’m looking to sharpen up on is] moving to the ball quicker,” Kroft said.

The upcoming tennis season has a plethora of opportunities for not only Kroft but for his teammates as well. There is no way to determine how this season will play out, yet in order to make the experience valuable, Kroft is most looking forward to getting out on the court and playing.