TOM TOM LISTS: Healthy Winter Tips

A few healthy tips to stay cozy, fashionable and prevent the winter cold and flu!

TOM TOM LISTS: Healthy Winter Tips

This winter season, there are so many festivities and important things to look forward to, but if the usual winter cold gets in the way, the season could be a little less jolly. There are many ways to stay healthy in the winter and here are some that are affordable, in-style and convenient.

1.Portable Hand Sanitizer

Many stores sell hand sanitizer, but Bath & Body Works are known for their portable and festive hand sanitizer that can be easy accessible wherever you are. Sanitizer holders can clip your personal bottle onto any purse, backpack or bag. B&BW has many winter scents, as well as a variety of others that are available all year. Not only are they convenient and festive, but affordable. They are only a few dollars and would make a great gift for anyone this Christmas.

2.  Green Tea

As the cold approaches, it is very important to stay warm and remember to take a lot of vitamins. An additional home remedy that works well for staying healthy and avoiding a cold is drinking hot green tea. There are many brands as well as flavors, and they are available in almost any grocery store. Green tea is an extremely healthy substitute for morning coffee and is delicious as well! There is no doubt that hot tea is the perfect solution to feeling great.

3. Make Sure to Always Wear a Coat

Winter coats do not always seem a necessity when running out the door, but they are the most important thing to remember when going into the cold. Many stores have stylish coats that are both warm and fashionable. Neutral colors, long styles, button ups and fur hoods are all in style and are guaranteed to look great on everyone!

Stay warm, healthy and keep germs away this winter with these seasonal tips. Keep the cold away and make sure to take advantage of this winter season and explore as many festivities as possible.