Top 5 Cross Country Chants

Top 5 Cross Country Chants

During a game it is important to hype up your team and get them going so the game can be exciting for the player and those watching. For the cross country team this is not an issue.

One: “Who Dat.” This chant is called out by the boys cross country team and is cheered before every race. The chant helps to get them energized and ready for the race knowing that the rest of the team is behind them.

Two: “The Sequoit Call.” This chant lets the other team know that the Sequoits are here to win. The other team should be worried when they hear this chant because it rallies the Sequoit team together and gives the whole team an extra boost.

Three: “Mwah.” This chant is used more by the girls team than the boys. Before the girls race they all get together into one big group and the captain will give some encouraging words, pray to themselves, and at the end they all yell MWAH.

Four: “I Believe.” A lot of schools use this chant because it’s used as an “in your face” kind of chant. The team will use this chant to let everyone know that they have won, making their opponents feel even more defeated.

Five: “Who are we.” This chant can be heard from miles away when the team comes together and yells it out. At the end of the day, everyone knows who the Sequoits are.