FASHION BLOG: Weight Deck Attire

The comparison between guys and girls clothing choices on the weight deck.


Anthony Murray

Senior Marshall King and Freshman Jadda Pope show off what they are wearing while they work out together on the weight deck.

Many people play sports after school to stay in shape. Other people go to the weight deck to work on their muscles to stay in shape for a specific sport they may play. Not many people realize this, but there are certain things you should and shouldn’t wear while on the weight deck. Most people wear shorts and t-shirt with gym shoes, but not everyone wears the same thing.

Many times a guy may wear a muscle shirt to allow more air to flow and keep them from sweating. It also allows them to show off the progress on their muscles they have made over the many days they have spent up there. Senior Marshall King wears a specific brand to keep him comfortable.

“I try to wear Under Armour because it keeps me warm and comfortable while I lift giving me my best performance,” King said.

Along with the right types of shirts, shorts that fit comfortably are a necessity. When you go to work on your legs, you want to have as much flexibility as possible. Having tight clothes may be nice to show off your muscles, but they are restricting and do not allow your body to breathe.

Having the right kind of shoes when lifting weights is important. You definitely do not want to wear any kind of sandals on the weight deck. Any shoes with a closed toe will work well. Shoes with grip will work best when you are trying to do any kind of leg work out such as squat or power clean.

While girls wear pretty much the same thing as guys, they may wear leggings or spandex in comparison to just regular shorts. They may also wear a comfortable tank top. Freshman Jadda Pope enjoys these types of shorts and shirts for their comfort level.

“I wear shorts and a T-shirt because it gives me more flexibility and I am more comfortable,” Pope said.