Take a Slice Out of Lake County

Here are couple places outside of Antioch to get a quality pizza pie.


Kylar Arias

Antioch Pizza Shop is a local restaurant right in the town of Antioch, IL.

Antioch’s local pizza shop, Antioch Pizza, has been the go-to pizza place for many Antioch residents since it opened in 1977; however, Antioch isn’t the only pizza place in Antioch for Sequoits to frequent.

1. The first semi-local pizza place, Mod Pizza, is located in Gurnee, which is about a 20 minute drive. Mod is a build-your-own pizza restaurant that offers many different toppings and pizza styles. Mod Pizza may be considered a fast food type of place but that does not stop anyone from going and enjoying their pizza.

2. Another local pizza place is Bill’s Pub in Grayslake. Bill’s Pub is a restaurant-style pub with many different food options to choose from. Bill’s Pub has been around since nineteen fifty seven and has continued their name and franchise since.

“Bill’s Pub has really good food and its a very comfortable restaurant to eat at, and the service is always very good,” junior Madison Merrill said.

3. Kaisers is another popular pizza place located off of Route 41 along with a second location in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kaisers is known as a restaurant-style pub with many different options. and along with having many options they are pretty quick as well which allows someone to call in and pick up on their way home. 

4.  Lou Malnati’s is another well-known pizza place. Lou Malnati’s is a more traditional restaurant, they have a fancier style to their restaurant which translates into their food.

Junior Gianna Riforgiato said she likes Lou Malnati’s “because they have really good pizza and if I don’t want pizza they have really good pastas.”

These four restaurants don’t take much to get to other than maybe a 20 minute drive and for the food these places serve it is well worth it. All the prices from these places are very affordable because of the quality food and ingredients used.