Chevy Becomes One of the Most Reliable Cars on the Street Today

All car companies battle to make the best and most reliable car on the street. Which may lead to some companies finding ways to make their vehicles similar to others.


Kylar Arias

“My family and I have been driving Chevy’s since i’ve been born,” junior Ethan Andrews said. “They truly make them to last.”

Chevrolet is an automobile division of the manufacturing company, General Motors. The company owns Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and Chevy. Each division has had their ups and downs throughout their time as a whole company, including some past problems with specific models that were being released and the sale of those vehicles being down. Today, General Motors’ Chevrolet has been considered one of the most reliable on the market. According to, the Chevy brand was awarded 3.5 stars out of 5. Which makes them an above average company for reliability. 

“For example, the Corvette’s reliability is about average, but the subcompact Sonic brings the rate up with a four out of five reliability score,” Autolist said. “Which gives Chevy the upper hand on its reliability. Chevy is known for its 60,000 mile warranty that allows drivers to not have to worry about maintenance for a good period of time.” 

J.D Power is an organization that tests the durability and reliability of today’s cars. Since their beginning of testing cars in 1968, J.D Power has rated Chevy positively in the past, considering them a top company. J.D Power is a key factor behind an American company’s release of a vehicle without good ratings. It is very likely the vehicle will not sell well if J.D Power does not give them a sufficient rating 

“General Motors Company receives segment awards: Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet Silverado HD and Chevrolet Sonic,” J.D Power said. “Chevrolet and Buick round out the top five.”

With J.D Power’s rating it gives many people the closure that Chevrolet truly is making reliable vehicles. Antioch Community High School alumn Robby Misiek works for Chevrolet and has gained fondness for the company.

“Chevy has kept the workhorse mentality, along with adding luxury to their vehicles in my opinion makes them one of the better brands,” Misiek said. “I’d say Chevy is really reliable because of the way they engineer their vehicles.” 

Chevy has become a well-known company and continues to succeed in the production of their vehicles making them a very reliable company.