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Athlete Profile: Ethan Andrews

Valerie Rosek

Senior Ethan Andrews has been a part of the Sequoit athletic program since his freshman year. He was a part of the basketball team until his sophomore year but now has focused strictly on baseball.

With the way this year was panning out, no one was sure there was going to be that final senior season. Many people were thinking they would be hanging up their cleats without getting to play this year. Originally Andrews was one of those people. With his baseball career, he has had the opportunity to continue to the next level but decided to focus on working and school. This senior year would be the last time he ties his cleats and runs out to his position on the ball field.

“My favorite part of baseball is sharing the field with some awesome teammates,” Andrews said. “I will definitely miss playing, but it will always be a big aspect of my life.”

In general, athletes can be the most important thing in a high schooler’s life. For some, it could be a getaway; for others, it could be their future. It can teach things no one expects it to.

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“Baseball has made me realize to be thankful for everything I have because not everyone can play baseball,” Andrews said. “I’ve always loved the game.”

Andrews, throughout the years, has played a key role in the Antioch Varsity baseball team. He has not only grown from being a part of the program, but he also improved as the experience showed itself. Head varsity coach Chris Malec has helped and watched him develop into the player he is today.

“Ethan’s versatility is his greatest asset; as a sophomore, he was able to come up and fill in at third base when we needed him,” Malec said. “Ethan is a quiet leader, always guiding others by example. Which was something I was hoping to see from him.”

Baseball is a game full of failures; Andrews overcame this in his sophomore year, coming out successfully producing when it was needed to get the team into a position for success no matter what it took.

“When he came up, I expected him to succeed defensively immediately, but I figured it might take him a while to adjust to Varsity pitching, but he had success almost instantly,” Malec said. “It’s rare to have a Sophomore come up to varsity and put up the kinds of offensive numbers he did. He ranked near the top of our team in 2019 for average and runs batted in.”

Andrews looks to come out to a hot start this season with working to his best effort throughout the off-season and he hopes he can show what his hard work has done for him and the team.

This season, Andrews looks forward to competing every day and enjoying his final season with a heavily packed schedule. He has proven that his leadership and his knowledge of the game has paid off. Junior varsity coach Robert Hafer had the opportunity to coach Andrews during his freshman season, which allowed him to see the upside he brought to the program.

“Ethan is responsible and dependable. His work ethic will lead to success,” Hafer said. “Nothing surprises me with Ethan; he is always prepared for all situations that arise on the field.”

Andrews intends on going onto college and working immediately after the season concludes. He mentioned it was not the easiest decision to make, but he felt that it was the right decision.

“My biggest influence was my grandpa because he was an amazing baseball player, but his father wanted him to work instead of playing college baseball,” Andrews said. “I always wanted him to see me do something he wasn’t able to. Unfortunately, it was a decision I made that I felt was better for myself.”

Even though Andrews will not be continuing his career into college, he looks forward to playing out his final season with hopes to go far into the playoffs. He will do whatever it takes to help the program get back into that position they were in during his freshman season. As baseball is just getting started, Andrews is more than ready and can’t wait to get back out onto the field playing the game he loves for the last time.

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Kylar Arias
Kylar Arias, Tom Tom Staff
Kylar Arias 17 years old, and has been on staff for 3 years . He plays baseball and has played 4 years of varsity baseball at ACHS and has played for around 15 years in total. Some of his hobbies include fishing, lifting and working.
Valerie Rosek
Valerie Rosek, Tom Tom Staff
Valerie Rosek is a senior and has been on staff for three years. She does dance competitively and is a member of Interact club, National Honors society, Math Honors Society and English Honors Society. Rosek also takes photos of sporting events in her freetime and enjoys going out to watch the sunset every night on the lake.
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