Preseason work

The Antioch baseball team gets a jump start on the season by participating in open gyms and building team chemistry.


The Sequoit baseball team has been using the new District 117 field house to their advantage this offseason. They have held early morning open gyms before school on Wednesdays for the past couple of months. These open gyms have helped the team build chemistry and find themselves as a team. Having these open gyms in mornings allows the athletes that are in winter sports to be able to participate. 

Senior Adam Pankau has played baseball his whole life and for his whole life and all throughout high school. Pankau is looking to be a leader on the team this year and show his knowledge of the game. The team is comprised of many different age groups. The seniors help to bring everyone to the same level and maturity. 

“I am very much so looking forward to baseball-related things such as games or practices, but I’m mostly looking forward to what makes baseball unique: the bond that I believe this group of guys can form,” Pankau said. 

Junior Quade Moll has been playing baseball for as long as anyone at the school. He loves the game and the friendships that are made while playing. He is a multi-sport athlete at the high school. Moll plays sports for the competition and the joy that he feels when the team leaves with a victory.

“The preseason open gyms are huge on getting the team together and just talking reps upon reps. The more practice you get together as a team the more chemistry just keeps growing,” Moll said.

Sophomore Jack Olsen is one of the youngest players on the varsity level. He is q mature for his age and loves the game of baseball. This will be his first year playing at  the varsity level and he is looking forward to the challenges that this year brings for him.

“I feel confident in our ability to win as a program due to the work that we all have been putting in over these past weeks,” Olsen said.