Top 8 Scary Halloween Movies of All Time


#1: The Shining

Stephen King is notorious for his horror stories and this movie is no exception. With excellent direction from Stanley Kubrick, this movie displays psychological issues and leaves the audience with many unanswered questions.

#2: Scream 

With direction from the late Wes Craven, this movie is action packed from the start. There is a lot of room for watchers to guess the identity of the killer, similar to a game of Clue.

“I like the plot twists,” sophomore Skye Jackson said. “You think [the killer] is all these different people and then it turns out to be the person you least expect.”

#3: A Nightmare Before Christmas 

This is a great Halloween movie for a younger audience or those who don’t enjoy horror movies. Director Henry Selick portrays the story in a unique claymation style and combines the themes of Halloween and Christmas.

#4: Friday the 13th

T his film has no shortage of action. From start to finish director Sean S. Cunningham leaves viewers anxiously waiting for what comes next.

“I just really think the motives behind the killer are really interesting,” freshman Logan Van Alstine said. “The personalities of some of the people, while [they] can be dull, they can also tell a story.”

#5: Halloween

The “Halloween” series has gone on for decades and it’s no surprise it’s still going. With the killer’s interesting backstory and action shown through the direction of John Carpenter, this movie is extremely captivating.

#6: Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice”: This may not be the creepiest movie but it’s definitely a good movie to get anyone into the Halloween spirit. With direction from Tim Burton, “Beetlejuice” has something for everyone

#7: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Nightmare on Elm Street”: Everyone has nightmares and these can be some of one’s scariest memories. With Craven’s directing, this film manifests nightmares into real life and there’s no denying that it’s truly terrifying.

#8: Hocus Pocus

This is a great Halloween movie with the perfect storyline for the whole family to enjoy. Director Kenny Ortega takes simple Halloween themes and turns them into a thorough plot perfect for viewers of all ages.