Trending Sites: Redbubble

    Over the past few months, Redbubble, a website carrying a number of unique items has been a rising trend.

    Redbubble is a website that carries a variety of items the average teenager would want: phone cases, t shirts, bedding, tapestry, and many more. Redbubble stands out from the average teenage store, however, because of its unique designs it offers on all of its products. All of the designs of their products are hand drawn and sent in by the average teenager, resulting in wild prints and designs. Redbubble has over 400,000 designers from all over the world, creating a wide variety of different designs.

    The most known item on Redbubble is their reusable stickers. Redbubble stickers can jazz up just about anything from laptops to notebooks. Senior Tessa Furlong shows off her Redbubble stickers on her water bottle.

    “I love Redbubble because it allows you to personalize everyday items,” Furlong said. “My favorite sticker is the one that says ‘take it easy’ because I love the message it sends and its colors.”

    On Redbubble’s trending stickers page, there are over three million stickers available to choose from. Some popular designs include quotes and sayings, famous people, and trending objects such as coffee.

    Redbubble is a great place to buy items other than stickers, as well. The website is easy to navigate, making it simple to find a great gift for the holidays. Redbubble creates “collections” on their website of products that are the same item or theme. For example, one collection Redbubble shows off on their homepage is bicycles. Under this tab, a shopper can find a wide variety of items with bicycles on them.

    Redbubble is a great way to put something extra in everyday items, such as a simple phone case. Everyday, there are hundreds of new products and designs being added to the website, making the possibilities endless. Senior Julia Bucci likes Redbubble for that very reason.

    “Redbubble has a wide variety of designs, appealing to almost anyone,” Bucci said.