Turnabout Brings Sweet Surprises

Lauren Ponzetti

Antioch Community High School offered a night filled with candy and sweets for the annual Turnabout dance. The dance took place on Feb. 22 from 7-10 p.m. in the South Gym, which was loaded with decorations that would satisfy any sweet tooth.

There were around 300 students at Turnabout on Saturday, and it was evident that everyone enjoyed their time there.

“I went to Turnabout Freshman year, but I had more fun at this dance than any other dance! My favorite thing about the dance was the music and I thought the Candy Castle Ball was a good theme,” said sophomore Desiree Giamarusti.

The commons were decked out in scrumptious decoration, and tickets were exchanged for candy bracelets at the door.

“Lots of people say that Turnabout’s not going to be fun or it’s stupid, but it’s whatever you make it. I enjoyed Turnabout way more than Homecoming. It all depends on the people you go with and if you want to have a good time there you will,” said freshman Michael Kawell. “My favorite thing about Turnabout was my date. I had a good time because she had a good time!”

Turnabout is a great time for ACHS students to kick back and have fun during this gloomy weather. Even though not many people give Turnabout the fun credit it deserves, it seemed to satisfy many that decided to attend.