Up and Coming Artist: Bahamas

Alternative bands, like Bahamas, are making a statement, influencing the music industry one song at a time.


Clay Vesser

BAHAMAS is the recording name of Afie Jurvanen, a musician living in Canada.

Afie Jurvanen, alternative artist and lead musician from the band Bahamas (a group originating from Toronto, Canada), swept his way into the smooth rock age of music.

Emerging in 2011 with his album Pink Strat, Jurvanen has worked and continues to work with well known artists such as Beck, Feist and Jack Johnson. Most recently, his album Bahamas is Afie has received the greatest feedback, specifically with fans noting his smooth melodies and underground rock base.

“I would hope that if I make another record that it’s just that much deeper into some truer version of who I am and what I’m doing. But I think that these, what I was referencing was my state of mind, where I’m at,” Jurvanen said in an interview with Paste Magazine. “I’m a lot more comfortable with what I’m doing and who I am. And so I think that sort of confidence is reflected in the music.”

In the interview, Jurvanen reflected on his newest album, expressing that his sound has progressed and developed over time. It is a work in progress for the Bahamas singer, but he believes that his recent release truly defines who he is as an artist.

Bahamas is Afie reached the top spot of Q’s Top Twenty Albums of 2014, an impressing feat for an alternative artist emerging from the depths of underground music. Jurvanen has been nominated for multiple awards in the alternative rock category, as well as becoming additions to multiple Spotify playlists.

“I like it because it invokes a sense of happiness and joyfulness,” freshman Matt Becker said. “Overall, it is relaxing.”

According to Jurvanen in an interview with The Star, “I had a bass world, a guitar world, a piano world. I could just run around in circles and if I had an idea I could just sort of act on it immediately.”

Bahamas is not new to the music scene, but has grown to have a larger influence in the industry.