Varsity Cheer Takes 6th at Huntley

On Sunday, January 21 Antioch Cheer took 6th place at their last invitational of the year.

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Benjamin Nauman

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Varsity Cheer Takes 6th at Huntley

On Sunday January 21, the Antioch varsity cheer team placed sixth in the Sweetheart Cheer Invitational at Huntley High School.

“I think we went into it thinking there was no competition,” freshman Riley Conway said. “We didn’t think we had to try as hard as we would in some other competitions to do well.”

With an unproductive and lethargic week of practice, the team entered the competition unfocused and unprepared. The Sequoits had drops in both their main stunt sequence and their pyramid, as well as touchdowns during the standing tuck sequence. After each fault made, the mindset of the team continued to spiral downward.

“As one small thing went wrong, the snowball effect took over and everything got to our heads in the worst way possible,” freshman Grace Acello said. “We were not in the right mindset to begin with, and our mistakes only made things worse.”

Antioch looks to move past their previous performance and transfer 100% of their focus on the sectional competition Saturday January 27.