Tom Tom Tries: Shop With A Cop

Gianna Chiappetta

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Gianna Chiappetta

Experiencing Shop With A Cop was a very memorable moment. I walked in being a different person than I was after the event was over. Walking into this event, I wasn’t expecting the amount of love and care the officers would have. Not only did they make sure the children got the presents they wanted, but they also made sure they were fed and had food for their families to take home.

The most rewarding part of the entire experience were the smiles given by the children. It’s a very good feeling knowing that I was a part of an event where I was able to make young children’s dreams come true. It’s made me realize that I’m very fortunate for the life I live.

Getting the opportunity to give back to my community was the icing on top of the cake. There are tons of ways to shop for those less fortunate within our community during Christmas time, but not many offer the opportunity to shop with those you are giving the gifts to. Even though I was only with the children and their families for a couple

hours, I had the chance to learn so much about them in a little amount of time. I left Shop With A Cop with my heart warmed, but it wouldn’t havw been possible without all the kind hearts of the children.

Jessica Nettgen

Getting the opportunity to attend Shop With A Cop is something I will always remember. We started the event at the Lindenhurst police station by eating pizza with the children and then sitting with the families as Santa joined us to read a story and sing songs. The children then received a police escort to Target in Gurnee where they began to shop with their assigned officer.

We watched the children’s eyes light up as they picked out exactly what they wanted for Christmas, as they then proceeded to place their toys into the cart their cop was pushing around for them. The kids ended their shopping spree by getting their new presents wrapped to then bring home and put underneath their trees for Christmas day.

Not only did the smiles of the children with their newly found toys make me realize how fortunate I am, but observing the gratitude that the mothers had was something I will always cherish. Everyone involved in the event was moved by it in some way, including me. I may have only been taking photos, but I got a peek into the lives of other fami

lies and how thankful each and every one of them were to be part of such a rewarding experience.

Joseph Kestian

Growing up, I have always had the privilege that when Christmas time came around each year that I would receive a gift from someone. When I had the opportunity to attend Shop With A Cop, I saw real excitement and happiness on the children’s faces when they got to pick out their toys at Target.

The children got to have pizza and sweets as they listened to Santa read The Night Before Christmas. After these activiti

es, each kid was assigned a police officer and escorted onto the bus that transported them to Target. When we showed up at Target, the kids all split apart with their police escorts and got to shop for toys they wanted for Christmas.

I got to see the happiness on parents’ faces knowing that their child was receiving a gift for Christmas. The experience affected me dearly because It gave me the opportunity to give back to the community and make sure that the children had a great experience at Shop With A Cop. Each family had a story behind them and I was fortunate enough to see that during this event.

Ben Nauman

Even though I was unable to attend the pre-shopping events at the Lindenhurst Police Station, I arrived just in time to see the joyful faces of all of the children as they entered Target. Being able to witness what it is like to have real excitement in receiving gifts has showed me that I how fortunate I truly am.

Each child was assigned a policeman that would escort them around Target and aid them in picking out everything that they wanted for Christmas. As we walked around Target, interacting with the children, it was amazing being able to see the true appreciation for what they were all about to receive.

Being able to interact with some of the parents and experiencing their true joy in knowing that their children have something under the Christmas tree to open on Christmas morning was my favorite part of Shop With A Cop.