Basking in the Friday Night Lights

The fall brings crisp weather, but it also brings warm hearts. A sea of cardinal and gray floods the stadium and roars of  “this is our house” boom throughout the confines of this town. Antioch is known for its passion, tradition and spirit; all of this is evident when the lights come on and the fans get loud. This is Friday night; welcome to our Friday Night Lights.

Friday night is one of the most anticipated events each week of the fall season for both Antioch Community High School and the Antioch community. Not only is it time for the local football teams to show everyone what they are made of, it is also a time that brings communities together to celebrate something.

“Games are always so much better when you are around all your friends and classmates,” senior dance captain Amelia Neumann said. “It’s crazy to see all of the people from our small town of Antioch that show up for the football games.”

The community is a very big part of what makes Friday nights exciting and fun. Energy and power are brought by people—the more people, the more lively the event.

“Fridays in the fall are the best time of the year because you get to watch your friends and classmates play off the field or cheer and dance on the sideline,” senior cheerleader Graci Leineberg said. “It’s also a really good time to bond, talk to and be social with people that you may not know.”

Friday Night Lights is not only fun for the athletes involved and people that already have their own groups of friends, it is a great opportunity to make new friends and integrate into school spirit and culture.

“It makes you feel at home,” sophomore cheerleader Bridget Nauman said. “It is a fun atmosphere where everything is loud and bright and energetic.”

Not only is it a time to celebrate for the football team and hangout with family and friends, but it also gives the cheer and dance teams a moment to show the whole town what they have put in countless hours working on over the summer.

“Even though it is only a glimpse,” sophomore dancer Julia Hackeloer said. “Halftime performances allow us to show all the people of Antioch what we are capable of doing this season.”

With many in the community looking forward to the Sequoit’s Friday Night Lights, it is important that members of the school stay “Cardinal Crazy” by joining in on tailgates, dressing to the themes, cheering loudly and finding ways to show love for the Sequoit community. Community is what makes the atmosphere, and that is why people enjoy it. The more involvement by all, the higher the energy will be and the more enjoyable the experience will be.