Varsity Profile: Josh Sidare

Senior Josh Sidare finally gets to play the sport he loves at ACHS.

Lacrosse has never been an original sport in the D117 school district; this left out many of the students that play the sport because they have to go to other places and organizations to play the game they love. Senior Josh Sidare will be playing as one of the defenders for the new D117 lacrosse team this spring, he expresses his feelings towards playing with the team this spring.

“I’m most excited to be able to play one of the games I love through the school, after a lot of work and convincing that has been out in to make it happen,” Sidare said. “I’m also excited to be a part of history.”

Sidare has been playing lacrosse his whole life and is excited to bring the sport to our school this spring. The team will consist of students from both Antioch and Lakes. Their first game is March 22, at Stevenson High School against the Patriots.