Running Into the Season

For some people, running is a punishment. For others, running is a get away and a hobby.

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As track season is beginning, the athletes are pushing themselves during practice to prepare for meets.

Distance runners go through a “brutal punishment” everyday to perform the best at their meets. These runners are expected to run up to three miles a day at practice, as well as eat properly and stay in shape outside of practice.

Senior Kevin Vettesse explains the amount of work that goes into running a long distance event.

“I have to train year round to be prepared for the upcoming season,” Vettesse said. “I spend countless hours throughout the year to be prepared for the running that I have to do during the track season.”

Vettesse went on to explain that he sticks to a strong diet to remain in good health and maintain a positive, athletic lifestyle.

Most of the distance runners during the track season are also cross country runners in the fall. This allows them to stay fit and stick to a constant workout plan throughout the entirety of the year.