Varsity Softball Profile: Megan Lawrence


Junior Megan Lawrence has been playing softball since she was 10 years old and shows no signs of quitting. Playing as a left outfielder, which is close to foul territory, Lawrence is able to track down foul balls without the pressure of them dropping and hitting the ground, therefore impacting the game.

“She’s a valuable asset to the team and is always positive,” junior Victoria Henkel said. “ You can always ask her to get the job done.”

When Lawrence is not playing high school softball, she is playing for her travel team, the Wisconsin Lightning. Wisconsin Lightning is a popular travel softball team that many girls in the area join during the off-season.

“I really like having something to look forward to after school everyday, and in some strange way it gives me purpose or something to work for,” Lawrence said.

However, Lawrence does not just limit herself to playing softball. She spends her time on her studies and hanging out with friends. When she needs to stay busy, she also participates in varsity tennis in the fall. Plus, it’s another way to stay in shape during the off-season.

“Megan has been one of my best friends for awhile now, so to be tennis partners as well as play softball together both at the high school and during travel season is pretty fun,” junior Piper Foote said.

Lawrence is mainly known for her work ethic; she is not only committed to helping her team succeed throughout the season and reach her individual goals as a player, but also her team’s goals.

“Megan is a true team player, and she has so many strengths in the field,” junior Abby Pyburn said. “She really pushes herself to be the best her she can be, skill wise and mentally.”

Softball has also been able to teach Lawrence valuable life lessons such as striving to achieve her goals and staying committed.

“What I love most is when I work really hard on one of my weak spots, then later achieve what I’ve been working so hard to accomplish,” Lawrence said.

Make sure to look down the third base line this season to see Lawrence catching a pop fly or running down a grounder.