Warm Weather and Less Layers

As warm weather approaches, the Antioch population sheds its winter layers, and embraces the warm temps and sunny skies.

Antioch is recently experiencing a bout of beautiful weather. The snow is melting and the sky is clearing. Pants start to be replaced by shorts, jackets and sweaters by t-shirts and tank tops, and shoes and boots with flip-flops and sandals. With low temperatures of only around 30 degrees, and high temperatures of up to around 50 degrees. Many students and staff at Antioch Community High School began to shed their winter clothes, and bring out their spring-styled clothing. Some choose to play it safe by wearing a sweatshirt or light jacket, while others embrace the great weather with shorts and short sleeved shirts. While the current high temperatures from March 11 to 18 reaches as high as 61 degrees, according to weather.com, the low temperatures can drop all the way to 31 degrees. With low temperatures of below freezing, Antioch Community High School junior Ryan Thorn thinks it would be wise not to wear shorts and a t-shirt if  you plan on waiting for the bus, walking to school, or even walking to school from the lower or upper parking lot.

“I believe that it is okay for students to wear lighter clothing during this weather. Mostly because we are just coming out of winter and kids don’t want to have to wear anymore sweatshirts and long pants. However, in the morning, it might not be a terrible idea if you do throw on a light jacket just in case it gets chilly,” said Thorn.

Although spring officially starts on Friday, March 20, students are starting to take of layers, and engage in more outdoor activities. Just keep in mind that temperatures during the day are not constant. Morning and night bring the coolest temperatures, while the high temperatures of around 50 degrees arrive soon after noon.