Watson’s Path to Greatness

Beyond the field, people know Tre simply because of his presence in the hallways. For him, his character is what is going to take him to football greatness.

Senior Treshawn Watson has always been considered a star on the football field, but it wasn’t until high school that he started to get recognition for his hard work. Watson moved up to varsity his freshman year for the playoffs, but didn’t get the action that he desired; come sophomore year he blew up on the scene and played a pivotal defensive role: starting cornerback.

Ever since then, he has turned his career around, getting an enormous amount of reps on both sides of the ball and showing how versatile he truly is.

Watson hasn’t always focused solely on football. He has always been a multiple-sport athlete playing basketball, football and running track. But in recent years, Watson made the choice to stop playing basketball and to pursue football full time with track still being in the picture, so he made the decision so he can work on his speed and explosiveness as a wide receiver. Watson saw this decision as a win for his team and himself.

“Football has put me on the right path,” Watson said. “I wouldn’t want anything different because the benefits and opportunities you get from playing football are like no other.”

Ever since Watson was four, he’s loved football and has never let that love go. Watson has always seen football as a method to get away from all the noise and stress of the world. He has a strong supporting cast behind him of his mother who has gone to all the games throughout Watson’s years of being an athlete. Watson looks up to his mother for all she’s done for him.

“My mother has sacrificed so much for me and my family,” Watson said. “She’s done so much for us, to the point of where I want to be the very best and give back to her for all she’s done.”

Watson and his mother both expect the best from each other because they know that succeeding is the only way to get anywhere in life. Their only goal is to succeed and to be the best.

The team fell short of a state title last year, but they are looking for redemption. Watson and his teammates all believe they owe it to themselves to be the very best. With Watson and his supporting cast of teammates, they should have no problem playing together and repeating their past achievements with the amazing coaching staff. Every team has goals in mind for the season, but with Antioch and their mentality, they expect to make it far in the playoffs and to continue on to state.

“This upcoming season I expect to go 9-0 and win the conference again,” Watson said. “With hard work and dedication, our team has potential past a conference championship.”

The team in itself is giving it their all this season so they can make history for their hometown. They would love to leave a mark on this year’s conference and to forever solidify themselves as a great football team by winning Antioch’s first state championship.

Watson has always dreamt of winning a state championship ever since he first started to play football, as he transitions into his last season playing for Antioch, the possibility of contending for this year’s championship is surreal to the young wide receiver.

“We have so much talent on this team,” Watson said. “We are more than talent; we are a team that lives and breathes football and we’re all ready to get thrown into the fire.”

Watson and many others have received college nods and are grateful to have the opportunity to continue their careers after this season. Saying that, Watson is going into his senior season with 13 Division 1 scholarships. To say that Watson is excited for this year’s season is a huge understatement; is ready to blow past the competition and win the state championship just like he’s always dreamed.