Review: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

Netflix has released a new mini series on the life and case of Aaron Hernandez and it has been creating buzz all over the internet.


Adrian Ruiz

Aaron Hernandez´ life was filled with many incidents and arrests. He was a beloved man and nobody knew his dark secrets, but when it finally hit them, it was a huge shock.

The mini docu-series for the life and delinquency of former All-Pro Tight End Aaron Hernandez is surprising. The series goes through all his highs and lows of his childhood and adulthood and truly wants the audience to feel bad for him at some points in the series, but then brings back to the fact that he did many bad things in his life that ultimately made him commit suicide in his jail cell back in April of 2017. A big question arises about why he ruined his life when he had everything a 21-year-old could have wanted, and there are so many possible reasons to why he did it. It could start from his father’s constant abuse or his father’s passing or to hide his sexuality that he kept from the public for so many years. These are all possible solutions that could have led him to do such horrific acts to innocent men around the same age as him with families. Although these moments and events have had that big of an impact on him, there is still no room for someone to orchestrate 3 different homicides for their own benefit. Senior Kaleb Kotlow had a lot to say about the series on Netflix.

“It’s so weird to see all those events transpire in the series,” Kotlow said. “ I didn’t know about all this information up until I watched the series and I find it crazy to think that someone with all that power would do something so awful to innocent people and just not try to hide any evidence.”

Aaron Hernandez was not the most intelligent when it came to important matters. He shined as a tight end his whole life, but when his smarts were supposed to come in handy, he was sloppy. He let everyone catch onto him and he ultimately got himself caught and that all led to several events afterward. Sophomore Rodolfo Martinez is an avid New England Patriots fan.

“ I have always watched the patriots and to finally understand what this person has done to the name of the Patriots is mind-boggling,” Martinez said. “[He had] so much talent wasted for nothing.”

Many could assume that just an immense amount of talent wasted for many different reasons. He tarnished the brand and will forever be remembered for these horrific actions and the mini-series shows that perfectly. It brings back all the disturbing court sessions, disturbing evidence, and much more. This series did a great job of showing both sides of the story and really hitting home to all the madness this case and story brought to the world.