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Former villain Loki is bringing fans back to the MCU, while also trying to prevent the multiverse from collapsing.
Loki (season two) Logos and Key Art.

Loki, portrayed by Tom Hiddleston, continues his story immediately after the events of the season one cliffhanger. Season two focuses on the results of Sylvie, portrayed by Sophia Di Martino, murdering He Who Remains, portrayed by Jonathan Majors, during the finale of the previous season. Loki is slipping through the past, present and future as the Time Variance Authority (TVA) falls apart. Loki must find a way to control his time slipping and contain the branching multiverse to prevent a war between variants of He Who Remains. Loki is joined by the fan-favorite TVA agents, Mobius (Owen Wilson), B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) and Casey (Eugene Cordero). “Loki” season two introduces Ouroboros (OB) who is played by Oscar Winner Ke Huy Quan and introduces Victor Timely, a variant of He Who Remains. Both of the new characters are crucial for the story and were extremely entertaining on screen as they added a new charm to the previous cast and found a way to steal every scene. 

You are not alone if you read that last part and are now more confused than ever. The multiverse is a massive topic and most franchises are applying it a little differently all at once. The MCU, DC universe, “Invincible” season 2, “Rick and Morty” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once” are just a few examples of different multiverse stories that can be a little confusing for the general audience. The multiverse introduced in “Loki” can appear daunting at first glance, but throughout the series, the writers were able to explain and clear up any concerns on the topic. 

Tom Hiddleston has played Loki for the last 14 years, appearing in eight MCU films and two television series. Of all the performances, Tom Hiddleston’s best is easily his performance in “Loki” season two. In 2011, Loki started off as a side character and minor antagonist in “Thor” and became a major antagonist in “The Avengers” in 2012. After that, Loki became a more popular character in projects such as “Thor: The Dark World” in 2013 and “Thor: Ragnarok” in 2017. “Loki” season one was released in 2021 and was well received, then in 2023 “Loki” season two topped season one in every way. It felt as if the writers, directors, and Hiddleston felt more comfortable in the second season to make something unlike the rest of the MCU.

Loki went through the greatest character development in the entire MCU, and Loki has solidified his position in most fans’ hall of fame for MCU characters. Tom Hiddleston is Loki, just as Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones.

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Most recent Disney+ shows and MCU films have suffered from poor rushed CGI, which most fans have easily pointed out. “Loki” does not suffer from this problem. The CGI and VFX were at their best throughout season two’s six-episode run. The TVA and surrounding environment were spectacular while also looking real. 

Loki (season two) Logos and Key Art.

Each episode used unique sets, but they all followed one large plot. No episode was bad, and all episodes were interesting in different ways. If you watch each episode individually, you see unique storylines filmed in different locations and timelines. The second season was able to take advantage of the end of the pandemic by filming in new locations, which was not as possible during season one. The creator of “Loki” Michael Waldron admitted that the season one finale, “For All Time. Always.”, had its ending altered due to the pandemic affecting production.

The series held a dramatic tone, while also giving an appropriate amount of time towards comedy. Natalie Holt contributes a great score that helps propel the tone of the series. Holt composed both seasons one and two. 

Overall, “Loki” season two is peak MCU, it is not only one of the best storylines but the producers and writers clear up the mess that is the current multiverse saga. “Loki” left me wanting more and I hope that the MCU can keep following the flow, set by this series. “Loki” is the best series on Disney+ and I would recommend watching it if you are a comic book movie fan. 

With one of the best plots, visuals and characters, “Loki” season two will go down as one of the best MCU projects and earn itself an overall score of 5/5.

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