What Was the Auditorium Formerly Used For?

The auditorium has proved to be of great use to ACHS since 1953.


Photo by Nathan Borries

Lauren Ponzetti, Tom Tom Staff

Throughout the history of Antioch Community High School, the building has had many renovations and additions. In 1915, when ACHS was founded, there were less than 100 students attending, and now in 2014, there are over 1,300 students that attend.

One of the school’s most recent renovations is the auditorium. ACHS’s current auditorium, located in the southwest part of the school, is used for musicals and plays put on by the fine arts program, performances by the band and orchestra, class meetings, movie showings, church on Sundays and much more. The auditorium has proven to be a wonderful asset for ACHS, and that is thanks to its renovation in 1953.

The year 1953 was a big year for ACHS, as it brought along a new north wing to the building along with the addition of new classrooms and office space, a new gym and the converting of the old gym into an auditorium.

The auditorium that ACHS has today is not the exact same as it was in 1953, as it has had numerous changes and additions since that time to keep it modern and functioning.

One of ACHS’s many renovations over the years created the auditorium out of the former gymnasium. The auditorium has proved to have so many convenient uses over the years, and it will continue to be used to it’s full ability in the years to come.