What’s in Your Bag: Golf


A common misconception is that golfers only carry around a bag that contains a few clubs and whack a ball into a hole. While this is partially true, it is mostly incorrect. Golfers carry around a big bag that straps onto a person’s back which can contain around 14 clubs, but clubs are not the only thing a person can find in a golf bag.

“I carry a couple extra golf balls, water, food, tees and an extra glove,” senior Samantha Brown said. “I also carry around a ball marker, rain gear and a rangefinder.”

Although every golfer is different, most golfer’s bags tend to stay the same. They usually carry golf balls, a glove and tees, but also food and water that they can have if they get hungry or thirsty on the course.

“I carry my clubs, balls, tees and snacks,” junior Gavin Eldridge said.

Every golfer usually has a favorite club out of the 14 they have in their bag. This club can be a driver for long distance or a three or five wood for long distances as well. It could also be a club out of the set of irons they have that can range from a three iron to a gap wedge. The three iron through the five iron can be a favorite for long distances. For a medium distance favorite, a golfer has the six iron through nine iron to choose from. A short distance favorite can be a pitching, gap or sand wedge, or a putter for when they are on the green.

“My favorite club by far is my Titleist driver,” senior Tony Sertic said.

The flexibility and variety that golf provides with the club aspect is what makes the sport so unique and the clubs that the players carry is a big factor in what the outcome of a match will be.