What’s In Your Bag: Boys Golf

Although clubs are an essential to the sport, what else is hidden within the boys' golf bags?


If one doesn’t play the sport, there may be many mysteries behind what makes a golfer. Many people think that it’s just a couple of clubs in a bag, but for most players, this does not even come close to encompassing everything that makes up a golfers bag.

Along with 14 different clubs tailored to all different needs, oftentimes there are extra golf balls, tees, water or food to keep the players going through the match that day.

“Personally I make sure I have plenty of tees,” sophomore Luke Dragin said. “I seem to leave them at every hole so I guess I can never have enough.”

With the clubs having all different uses, oftentimes it is up to personal preference on what types of clubs are carried in their bag.

“The weather that day or how I’m feeling might dictate what clubs I use,” Dragin said. “If it’s a super windy day, I’ll try to use irons more often so the ball doesn’t get too high in the air and won’t be carried by the wind too much.”

Even though much of the clubs used is up to personal preference, most players carry a few staple clubs. These contain a driver (often a one wood), multiple irons for mid-range, a wedge for sand traps and areas closer to the green and a putter for playing the ball on the green.

Even though golf looks to be a mostly relaxed sport, walking from hole to hole can take a lot out of a person, hence the need for extra water or food.

In the end, even with all the personalization as to what is kept, many of the players share abundant similarities as to what’s in their bag.