What’s in Your Bag: Lynn Michalec


Lynn Michalec

It’s bowling season; that means it’s time to pack up the bags and hit the lanes. Junior Lynn Michalec explains what in her bowling bag allows her to compete, along with some other interesting finds.

“I have to be prepared for anything,” Michalec said. “The lane condition, if my thumb is torn up, if I’m sticking or sliding on the approach, etcetera.”

Bowling items are much different than other sports. There are also many different things that bowlers can use.

“There’s shoes, shoe covers, wrist guards, abrasive pads, shoe brushes, slug remover, thumb slugs and Pyramid,” Michalec said.

Although most items in athletes bags tend to be similar, there are also certain things that are special to one person.

“I have cough drops because it’s the winter season and I’m bound to get a cough,” Michalec said. “Also, Tic Tacs just in case I need a little pick me up.”

Sometimes, athletes find things in their bag that they didn’t even realize they had.

“I have a pair of socks from three years ago,” Michalec said. “Don’t worry, they’re clean.”

All athletes must be ready for any condition of a game, match or competition. For bowlers, that means having the right equipment for any possible lane, ball or hand condition that they may encounter.