What’s In Your Bag: Tiana Fox

Brandon Pinto

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Born to Run
September 20, 2019

In most sports, the participants have a bag filled with their own gear, specifically fitted to their needs. Whether the athlete is using a duffle bag, backpack, or drawstring, the items inside are suited to the person’s needs.

“Usually on any given day I will pack my running shoes for warmups, spikes for courses with hills or mud,” junior Tiana Fox said.

Wearing running shoes during warmups is very important because of the support that they provide. In a sport like cross country you need to be at peak performance before your race, so having the proper shoes is always essential. Since cross country is mainly on grassy or muddy courses, spikes are the key when an athlete needs to get traction on the ground. Running with spikes also makes running up hills and on slippery surfaces simpler and easier.

Fox also finds it important to stay hydrated as well as invigorated before the race begins.

“Gatorade chews and Gatorade for extra energy, a water bottle, a protein bar for after my race or practice,” Fox said.

The protein bar replenishes any energy she may have lost during the long race. Without restoring energy, an athlete could risk passing out, which is why it is always important to pack a snack for afterwards.

“[I pack] my uniform, of course, with my warm up clothes,” Fox said.

The running apparel is used to keep her muscles warm and loose to help ensure that she performs well in her race. A uniform is required to participate in the competition and the warm up clothes trap in body heat if the day is cold. If the cold gets to muscles, then the muscles can tense up and not perform as well.

Some new items in Fox’s bag include a leg sleeve because of some recent complications with her shins. The sleeve provides compression which relieves any pressure that may occur as well as aiding the healing of her shins. Even when comparing athletes in the same sport, the items in their bags will vary. There are items unique to every athlete and to every sport due to their differences in needs and preferences.