When the Class of 2015 Graduates, How Many People Will Have Graduated from ACHS?

Once you are a Sequoit, you are always a Sequoit. But how many Sequoits are there?

Brianna Linco, Tom Tom Staff

Graduation is an example of achievement for any high school student, whether it is having a class of 20 or having a class of 500. Since Antioch Community High School will be celebrating its 100th graduating class this year, some students were curious as to how many Sequoits have worn the ACHS graduation cap since 1915?

After looking through the electronic transcripts of the number of graduates from ACHS since 1999, nearly 7,000 Sequoits turned their tassles. Counting how many students have graduated since 1940 will take time and manpower.

“All in all, there has been 6,850 students who have graduated from 1999 to 2015. The largest class was 616 students and that was the year of 1999, and the smallest class was the year 2007 with only 301 students. This year, the seniors have a graduation class of 310,” said Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction Aryan Haren.

Graduation used to be a half hour long and is now two hours long. The Tom Tom staff hopes to continue to attempt to answer this question. We will be able to tell you at least how many people graduated from Antioch from 1940 to present once we sift through the thousands of paper transcripts the school has on file.

ACHS Graduation Ceremony
ACHS Graduation Ceremony