Who Really Is Jessie’s Girl?

The cult classics “Jessie’s Girl“ and “Stacy’s Mom” sparked two crazy cool questions that hit home.

Who Really Is Jessie's Girl?

Two of your favorite songs from different decades are back to prove a point. Did Stacy’s mom really have it going on and is Jessie’s girl really what you’d thought she’d be? Both songs are making a comeback  and making real impressions of ladies in the Antioch Community High School community.

Stacy is known as the girl next door with the mom who has got in going on. Even though Stacy is seemingly the average high school student, is her mom really the hot woman you think of in your dreams? Fountains of Wayne first claimed she was in 2003. With no students at ACHS with the name Stacy, junior Will Frillman helped answer the question by aiming to the conclusion that, “No, she’s not hot.”

As for Jessie’s girl, there’s high hopes for Rick Springfield’s iconic girlfriend Sophomore Jesse Tamez, filling in as ACHS’s Jessie, actually has a “Jessie’s Girl” in mind. Even though he is not with her and refers to his mother as his No. 1 lady, Jesse’s girl is a sequoit.

Jesse’s girl, a sophomore and a close and personal friend of Tamez, is someone he has been thinking about lately.

Though Jessie’s girl will remain a mystery, she is a lucky lady to Tamez. She is Jesse’s girl.