Working day and night

Though juggling work and school may be difficult, it is important to weigh the positives and negatives.

Danny Love

Danny Love

Finding time for sleep with such a hectic schedule can oftentimes be challenging.

As students get older and begin to gain more responsibility, many begin to get jobs, sometimes even more than one. The day of a student starts at 7 a.m. and often ends at 11 p.m. They go to school, go home, leave for work, begin homework and do it all over the next day. It is not easy to be working during school; they often find little to no time for themselves or others. Students begin missing out on many fun experiences because they are at school or at their job. The amount of school work that builds up for a student can begin to feel stressful and almost endless. 

Some students need to work to pay for things such as car insurance, phone bills and college, thus causing students to be unable to cut down their work hours. Senior Alyssa Lebron is a student who works right after school.  

“Sometimes I have to rush straight from school to work,” Lebron said. “No matter if I work, I still have work, even at school or not to go home to.”

Most students work after school or on weekends and find it to be challenging to get everything done or find time for themselves. Students may miss out on football games or other after-school activities due to being caught up at work. Some may wonder if it is worth getting a job in high school. With a job, it is possible to get a better sense of responsibility and what it is like to multi-task which helps gain experience for after high school. The cons of working while in high school are not limited; one is not always able to manage time and it is possible to begin falling behind on schoolwork as well. 

Working and keeping up with school can be not only frustrating but extremely draining. It is not always possible to have time for oneself or be able to do all the fun things during the week or weekends due to work. 

Some students are able to maintain a job and their education very well. 

“I can multitask,” junior Julie Flores said. “I do school and then go to work. It’s pretty easy for me. I make sure to get my energy in before school.”

Taking on education and labor can be challenging and can take a lot to mentally and physically prepare for. Students are motivated to get a head start on life and gain the responsibility and experience to use later down the road. Getting a job in high school offers a number of benefits that help better prepare the youth for entering the full-time working life, though the negatives can, at times, outweigh the benefits.