Zero Hour Gym is Making a Comeback

ACHS offers two zero hour gym classes for the 2016-2017 school year.

Grace Bouker

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With dedicated athletes, busy students and early risers among ACHS, zero-hour gym reappeared as a Physical Education option for the 2016-2017 school year. After two years of failed attempts at opening the option to the student body, the P.E. department received enough interest this year to reopen both Physical Best and Fit for Life classes to students before school.

The classes are designed for both athletes who want to get their rigorous gym class in the morning and students trying to free up their schedule for more classes later in the day.

As many JV and Varsity sports require its players to take a physical best class, players must find a way to integrate an intense workout into their already busy schedule, leading to many taking the opportunity to participate in a zero-hour class.

“Zero hour gym is very important to allow students to take another class during the day, or a study hall, which is very helpful during a busy and full sports season,” senior Sarah Opolka said.

While some decide to take zero hour gym simply to have a break in their day and others in order to free up an opportunity for another class, the incorporation of the two, zero hour fitness classes this school year has proven to be a success among our student body.