2K vs Madden

Sequoit students choose NBA 2K over Madden.


The very popular sports games NBA 2K and Madden are two of the most played sports video games today. Basketball and football being two of the most popular sports in the United States help with the sales of these two games. It’s no wonder why these two games are at the top of the favorites when it comes to gamers. The high paced, electrifying play style in both games make them instant fan favorites.

In the recent twitter poll of ACHS Students, 73% said they like NBA 2K over Madden. The ability to create your own player and make him one of the league’s best gives NBA the edge in the head to head contest. Madden is more of a social game that you play with your friends. NBA is more of an all around game that you can play solo or with your friends.

Sophomore Patrick Coleman said, “I like NBA 2K more, the graphics are better and I find basketball more interesting and more fun than football.”

Senior Mardochee Kamanga said, “I like 2K more, they make the game more realistic. My favorite part of the game is the soundtrack.”

Although both games were the number one selling game in their first month of being out, like Coleman and Kamanga, the Sequoit students prefer 2K. But whether you are a fan of basketball or football, both games bring enjoyment to everyone who plays them.