Student vs Staff Basketball Game

The students rout the teachers in the student vs staff basketball game.

Danny Brito

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The Iron Athletes
May 19, 2016

The young versus the old. The student versus staff basketball game happened to be a great fundraiser. Varsity level athletes squared off on April 20 against some of the most athletic teachers. The game started out with the students taking a quick lead and never looking back. The student team was lead by Kyle Gofron and Robert Bednarz who lead the team in scoring. For the teachers, Arnold Galapajone lead the teachers, but his effort was not enough.

The students routed the teachers with a final score of 74-51. The students pulled away when Gofron lead the fast break and threw down the one handed jam. That made the students lead to the biggest of the night making it 59-28. One of the biggest influences on the game was the play by  Bednarz. Bednarz had many put backs, and had the tough defensive job of guarding varsity basketball coach Jim White.

“I think the game went well, but I wish it was more advertised so more fans would have came out,” Bednarz said. “I think the students won because we are more talented and in shape.”

Although the teachers may not have won this year, they can start preparing for next year in hope to beat the students. Best of luck to both next year.