3 Reasons Why Alex and Ani Bracelets are the “New Pandora”

Pandora finally has a competitor in the jewelry business that is more affordable and accessible for the daily consumer.

Sick of spending up to $400 on tiny charms that hang on a band that costs an additional $50-$100? This is exactly why many women and men have begun to stray away from the well-known Pandora brand, and are heading towards a cheaper and simplistic choice. American-made and based in Rhode Island, Alex and Ani is a retail jewelry company that centers around positive energy and simplistic beauty. Their products are sold throughout the United States, as well as specific store locations in Rhode Island, Vermont, D.C and Puerto Rico. Alex and Ani carry jewerly, bags, accessories and beauty products. They have a wide range of options, besides bracelets and necklaces, to fit any style or price range. Here are the three major reasons why Alex and Ani is taking over the Pandora scene:

  1. Price Alex and Ani’s basic bracelet circles around $28, this includes the charm and the band, while Pandora’s plain silver bangle starts at $60 and continues to add up with $25 a piece per charm. Pandora offers four different metal options, while Alex and Ani provides with eleven finishes that range in price. The silver and gold finishes surface around $28, while the Pandora silver begins at $60 and the complete gold band at a staggering $1,415.  Alex and Ani towers over Pandora when it comes to pricing and affordability for the middle class consumer.
  2. Ability to Customize Centering around self health and love, Alex and Ani focuses on ensuring that their products can be worn, and loved, by anyone. Their clasp is expandable and retractable, allowing for a one-size-fits-all bracelet. Alex and Ani has around 30 separate collections of charm/bracelet options that are all stackable. The stackable feature grants the costumer the option of wearing all silver one day, or gold the next, as well as choosing which charms they would want to wear from time to time. The bands are thin, but strong, so they slide around with ease. Pandora offers three size options that range from 17-20cm, but Alex and Ani’s one size option is only 19cm.
  3. Eco-Friendly Alex and Ani cherishes their promise of an eco-friendly and a positive product. Therefore, their bracelets are made from recycled products or vintage materials. Pandora’s product materials have not been released, or even expressed on either their website or in store. This secrecy should be put into question, especially as it is a well known and successful company in the business. Senior Ashley Hare wears Alex and Ani and said, “Each bracelet’s symbolism makes the jewelry more personal and empowering. Also, they use recycled metals, organic processes and sometimes donate money to certain causes, like they do with the Charity by Design collection.”

Alex and Ani is an affordable, unique and environmentally friendly product that centers around the consumer’s health. Senior Hope Reband loves the brand and said,

“The whole brand is based on spreading positive energy and I think that is a really cool concept. It is definitely more affordable and I feel like there is something for everyone.”

They focus on assigning descriptors to each product, such as Protection, Destiny, Creation, Unity, Rebirth and Healing, to connect to the people they are selling to. Hare likes both brands,

“I like Alex and Ani and Pandora just the same. Pandora bracelets are a reminder of sentimental experiences throughout your life, and are very formal and fashionable. A&A are more about the values instilled within one’s life and are still casual, fun and complementary to any outfit.”

Although both brands have their positives, Alex and Ani tends to trump Pandora in the battle of the bracelet.