A Man with Many Gifts

Junior Drew Higgins had a great time playing in this years allied basketball game.

Kyle Christian

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A Man with Many Gifts

Sports are different for everyone. Some people might say it’s to relieve stress, to be competitive or even to make something for yourself. For junior Drew Higgins, it’s about all of those things along with having fun. Higgins loves to play sports including basketball, football and ice hockey.

Higgins, along with his friends, came together to play at Antioch Community High School in the allied basketball game. As the south gym was beginning to get packed, the white and grey teams warmed up and got ready for the tip-off. Higgins was on the starting line up and got to take the tip-off for the grey team.

“It was really cool and I had a lot of fun playing,” Higgins said.

As the game came to an end, everyone was cheering, laughing, smiling and giving high-fives all around. The game was a success and Higgins had a great game, finishing with six points all from inside the lane and coming up with some steals on defense as well.

“We did great,” Higgins said. “We ended up winning so that was good.”

Not only was it fun to play in the game, but it was also fun to coach the players. Junior Andrew Utinans coached the white team alongside senior Symone Henderson.

“I had fun and I know everyone else had fun too,” Utinans said. “Even though we lost it was still a blast and I’m just happy I was able to coach them.”

Even though they were competing against each other during the game, they were still able to take a huge photo and talk all about the new memories they gained from playing. Higgins had a great time and can’t wait to play again next year.