Being A Family

Having traditions is a big part of a successful team.


Austin Stewart

The girls watch and cheer on the rest of the team

When it comes to traditions, people think of families coming together around the holidays to feel close and to have something fun to look forward to. For the girls basketball team, nothing is different. They are one big family all together that supports each other through the best times and worst times. 

The Sequoits have their own unique traditions including a white elephant gift exchange, a player bringing “inspirations” on every game day and challenge chips.

Every year, the Sequoits come together around Christmas time and have a white elephant gift exchange. One person comes in with a story and shares it with the rest team. Every time the story says left or right they move their gifts in that direction and once the story is done, the gift they have in front of them is the gift they receive. 

“It really helps us bond as we all laugh about the things we ended the game with,” junior Erin Miller said. 

The exchange brings the team together during their annual tournament at Lisle High School before winter break ends. The girls also have a unique ritual they hold before each game. One player is chosen to bring in a piece of candy or food as well as an inspirational quote to share with the team.  

“It brings us together and gets us motivated to play our hardest 100 percent of the time,” senior Miranda Chamberlin said.  

Despite seeming funny, the “inspirations” are a good way to boost team morale especially right before a game. The last tradition the team does is more of an award the coach gives out to recognize individual players. The head coach Timothy Borries hands out poker chip-like tokens that resembles many things to the coach. It could mean the player had a new personal record, was the leading scorer, played impressive defense or overall hustled their hardest and had a great game. 

“The chips make us always give our best and to always do our best because it feels really good to receive one from our coach,” junior Jada-Ashley Shaputis said.  

The challenge chips also inspire the team to always put forth everything they have and leave it all out on the court. All of the traditions bring the girls basketball team closer together as a one and teach them to always be there for each other just like a family.