What’s In Your Bag: Girls Golf

Kyle Christian

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In everything a person does in life, it is always important to be prepared. Whether it’s for a job interview or a sport, a person needs to be ready to perform at the best they can and not be worried that they forgot something. 

For junior Emily Roberts, it is crucial that everything she has in her golf bag is all there because she needs to have a clear mindset and focus attitude when it comes to lining up the perfect shot on the course. 

Roberts loves to take her time in making sure everything is perfect and the way she likes it. Roberts likes to keep her golf notes and swing thoughts in her bag so she can look at them if she ever gets frustrated or upset as a reminder to keep a calm head. 

“I take about 30-50 minutes out of the day, to figure out everything I need for that certain match or tournament that will allow me to play the best I can,” Roberts said. 

For some, they have things in their bag that they love and other things that they need to have. 

“I love my putter because it is so smooth when I swing and I rely on it so much in my game,” Robert said. “I would have to say that my lob wedge is my least favorite because of the unpredictability that it plays with want I feel like I always have to fight it.” 

For everyone their sports bag represents different things, for Roberts, it represents the constant reminder that she needs a clear head, a focused mindset and resembles that she is prepared for every situation the golf course throws at her.