Academic Team Buzzes Their Way to Victory

The Sequoits brought their A-game to the first meet of the season, winning two out of the three matches of the night.


A new season for extracurriculars is approaching, and while some people may anxiously await basketball, wrestling or dance competitions, another team is ready to steal the spotlight — academic team.

On Wednesday, Nov. 4, the Sequoit academic team faced Warren, Vernon Hills and Lake Forest at Lake Forest High School for the first meet of the season. The Sequoits won 230-180 against Warren, won 310-180 against Vernon Hills and lost 150-390 against Lake Forest.

Before the meet, junior and key member to the team Stanley Liu shared his thoughts on the outlook of the season.

“Last year was amazing,” Liu said. “While we’ve lost some key players to graduation, most of them are still here, so veteran greats plus fresh talent should equal quite a few wins this year.”

After the meet, Liu was happy to report that his predictions were correct.

“We did great tonight,” Liu said. “My one criticism is that we’re still slower than the rest of the teams on hitting the buzzer. Our team has definitely improved and should do well this season.”

Senior Jake Sheridan also had positive reports on his team’s performance.

“I can’t make any solid predictions [on the season], but beating Vernon Hills is a good sign,” said Sheridan. “We’re probably just as strong as last year, and hopefully better.”