ACHS Catches the Caffeine Craze

All the reasons why coffee and tea are healthy and beneficial options for the human body, mind and soul.


Coffee and tea are constantly rumored to be two beverages that negatively affect the human body. On the contrary, however, with a little less of a sugary frappe twist, these caffeinated drinks can help optimize one’s health. With something simple and natural like a cup of tea, it is easy to point out the good effects it can have the body. Tea has antioxidants, which prevents the damaging of cells.

According to, tea is the second most consumed drink next to water. The best tea to drink is green because it can help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and various cancers.

Coffee is a bit of a different story. Coffee, like tea, also carries antioxidants, but is easier to get addicted to drinking this caffeinated favorite, which would result in an unhealthy diet.

“I love coffee, the caffeine keeps me going,” sophomore Karley Rosenquist said.

According to, coffee has the ability to reduce the chance of getting cancers such as colon and liver cancer, as well as the risk of getting type II diabetes.

Coffee has many benefits; it can help prevent memory loss which allows more focus to process through study sessions or exams. What actually makes coffee and tea unhealthy, on occasions, has to do with whatever is additionally added.

Of course, ordering a large coffee with added sugars and sweeteners and deeming it to be “insta-worthy” is the barrier that transforms coffee from just a cup-o-joe to an unhealthy dessert. Just drinking a hot cup of plain coffee or tea can help boost metabolism and the caffeine in these drinks can help cure headaches.

These benefits are equally as sound and absolute. Just like water, drinking a little of caffeine goes a long way.