Antioch Fights But Gets Taken Down At Home By Lakes

The girls volleyball team loses at home against rival Lakes in three games.


The Sequoits get ready to take on Lakes.

After two hard-fought games against Grayslake North, the Sequoit volleyball team tried to rebound when they headed home to face their rivals, Lakes Community High School. The team realized how big of a game this was and worked really hard on staying focused before the game.

“Throughout this past week we have been really working hard in our practices to get prepared for the game,” junior Delaney Scott said.

Throughout the first game, both teams dominated the court. With the powerhouse Sequoit offense and the hard plays made by the Lakes defense, it was set up to be a great game. Thanks to some great kills by juniors Ayanna Tommy and Cenie Frieson, the first game ended with the Sequoits edging out the win 25-22.

The Sequoits brought their energy from the first set into the second set, taking the lead from the beginning. However, Lakes was able to slowly bring it back with some strong and safe offensive plays. A few miss cues from Antioch allowed Lakes to hold the lead the rest of the game, taking the second set 25-12.

As the third set started, both teams realized the intensity of the game. Both sides were able to get a few easy points off of miss cues from the other team. Antioch was losing 14-7 and decided to call a timeout. The huddle seemed to settle the team’s nerves as they came out firing and with the help of freshman Hannah Benes, the Sequoits started to come back.

As both teams made some great plays and amazing digs, the game became close but Lakes ended up leading 22-20. The Sequoits had a couple of bad plays that allowed the Eagles to win the third set 25-21.

“I feel like we did the best we could and worked really hard out there,” Scott said.

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