Antioch Graduate Nominated for Edgar

Penny Dawn DeBernardis was nominated for an award given to top mystery novels.

As the students of Antioch Community High School walk the hallways, they may wonder what kind of legacy they will leave. Whether it be sports, academics or fine arts, each student has their own niche which they may be remembered by.  

“I knew I wanted to leave my footprints in the hallways,” Edgar-nominated author and ACHS alumna Penny Dawn DeBernardis said. “I have learned since then that we all leave our marks in different ways.”

DeBernardis was involved in many activities, including yearbook and track. Throughout her high school experiences, DeBernardis also found inspiration for her writing. She wrote her first novel when she was a freshman in high school as a birthday present for a friend. Her latest novel, BLINK, was recently nominated for an Edgar, a prestigious award in the mystery genre.

BLINK tells the story of  Josh’s interest in the disappearance of a little girl. Rachel went missing 12 years prior to the story. When Rachel’s older sister Chatham Clairborne shows up, Josh’s mission is interrupted. His feelings for Chatham clash with his suspicion thats she knows something about Rachel’s disappearance.

DeBernardis’s work is published by a small press in Minneapolis. Her novel is in competition with novels published by much larger presses. With that being said, her Edgar nomination validates her talent and achievement.

DeBernardis hopes her daughters see her nomination as evidence that one can accomplish whatever they put their mind to.

“My first thought when the news of the nomination came through was that this is proof for my daughters. Work hard, believe in yourself and keep on keeping on, and good things will happen eventually,” DeBernardis said.