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Teachers Donate to Antioch’s Muncipal Workers

The ACHS Science Department donated supplies to local police, firemen and public works.
Gregory Bays


While Antioch Community High School students and staff have switched to e-learning until April 6 following the outbreak of the Coronavirus, many other local workers have not had the option to move online. In response to this, the ACHS Science department donated supplies, including dish soap, disposable gloves, goggles and hand sanitizer, to the Antioch Fire Department, Antioch Police Department and Public Works.


“I spoke with Fire Chief Cokefair regarding what they were looking for, and then reached out to our science teachers regarding what we would have,” Science Department Chair Gregory Bays said. “Ms. [Elizabeth] Pohlman was a huge help and assisted in organizing the majority of the supplies from Anatomy and Physiology.”

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Along with Pohlman, many other science teachers came together to gather supplies to donate. The majority of supplies were dropped off last Thursday, March 26, while a remaining goggle donation will be dropped off this upcoming week, according to Bays. All donations are then cataloged and distrubed upon where they are needed. 


“It’s a great example of a community working together,” ACHS Principal Eric Hamilton said. “We have supplies they need on hand, so I am excited and proud of the Science Department for being willing to donate [supplies]. It is also nice that we are able to be of assistance to the groups in the community that regularly help us.”


While the rest of the world may seem as though it’s in a stand still, police and fire departments still have a community to protect. The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a strain on the supply of many necessities needed to stay healthy and safe from COVID-19. Donating to the local public works can help increase their supplies during a time of need. 


Anyone interested in donating supplies to the Antioch Police Department can contact Commander Norm Johnson at [email protected].

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