Antioch Makes a Comeback

The Antioch Sequoit varsity football team won another game, beating their rival, the Lakes Eagles.


Matthew Soberano

Quarterback Branden Gallimore fights back against the Eagles defense.

The Antioch Sequoits football team won a close game on Friday, October 6th with a score of 34-31 against their rivals, the Lakes Eagles. Throughout the game, they struggled to hold back the aggressive opponent but in the end they succeeded.

During the first half, the Sequoits were struggling to hold back the Eagles and were falling behind rapidly with Lakes getting ahead 14-0. However the Sequoits were able to catch up, and eventually took the lead during the second half.

The Sequoits and the Eagles were battling like no other. Lakes scored, then Antioch, then Lakes again. Eventually the Sequoits took the lead for while, but the Eagles caught up once again.

Both of the teams kept making comebacks over and over throughout the whole game and both teams were very close to a win. 

The Sequoits were able to end the Eagles undefeated record while maintaining their own at the end of the game with the Sequoits winning 34-31.

“I can’t believe that we won,” Antioch head football coach Brian Glashagel said. “I was worried throughout the whole game, not knowing if we’d win or lose. There were so many times I thought we were done but somehow the team was able to make comeback after comeback, play after play. I was very impressed with the team’s performance during this game.”

Watch your fellow Sequoits play against North Chicago at home next week on Friday, October 13th.