Art Therapy Provides Empowerment

Art therapy enriches the mind, body and spirit.

Having the ability to express what oneself is feeling on a piece of paper is a pleasure that some take for granted. Art gives adolescents an opportunity to breathe and escape from any problems that are happening at home or at school. When going through stress or traumatic experiences, art can be a great form of escaping reality. Paintings can show how the artist is truly feeling in the inside and can release all kinds of emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, regret, and happiness.


Painting and drawing has become very popular among homeschoolers due to the enjoyment and happiness it brings with it Along with things like adult coloring books which are scientifically proven to be a stress reliever.  


In the CNN story about “The pros and cons of your coloring books obsession”, they interviewed Girija Kaimal, assistant professor of creative arts therapies at Drexel University and co-author of the study on her beliefs on adult coloring books.


Expressing ourselves through art can significantly lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol in our bodies,” Kaimal said.


Sophomore Briana Galán shares her thoughts on art therapy.


“I believe that art helps overall health because it’s a great escape from the real world, it helps you calm down and relax and keep your mind of off things,” Galán said.


“Art Therapists,” are professionals who help people of all ages conquer their anxiety, depression, and mental and emotional problems through art.

Children who have been involved with abuse or domestic violence can be helped by these people with this stress relief. Many people might not find any importance in drawing a line on a canvas, but to the children who attend art therapy, this can be their open door to happiness and feeling empowered.