Avoiding Illness during the Fall and Winter Months

As the holiday season approaches, it becomes more and more important that precautions are taken to stay healthy and avoid illness.


John Petty

Washing your hands is just one of the many ways to prevent getting sick in the fall and winter months.

As people stay inside more and go out less, germs build up and illnesses spread throughout the home, workplace, or school. There are many ways to prevent getting sick that everyone can benefit from.

A primary precaution that everyone can take is hand washing. During the course of day, whether it’s at school or work, everyone is exposed to objects that are touched by many other people. These objects are everywhere especially doorknobs, staplers or even desks. Germs are spread very easily on these surfaces, so washing hands with soap and water is an easy way to kill bacteria that adds up throughout the day.

Another way to stay healthy in the coming months is to get a good amount of sleep. When sleep deprived, the body’s immune system will become weaker which makes the rest of the body work harder. A weaker immune system also allows more harm to come to the body over time.

Possibly the most important method to staying healthy is maintaining a proper diet. As mentioned before, the immune system functions based on habit and eating well is the most consistent way to stay healthy. The energy from food helps the body function and keeps internal balance.

Junior Kristian Jimenez feels that he does a good job of using healthy habits which keeps him from getting sick.

“To avoid getting sick, I wash my hands after I touch something that a lot of people have touched,” Jimenez said. “I make sure I maintain a well-balanced diet, as well as consume vitamins to keep my body healthy.”